Stashaweigh is a Patent Pending IoT Smart Container. It’s an integrated digital scale, water & smell proof container and Bluetooth-connected app in one.
Illuminated Container
Easily view contents
Stealth Security
No display or buttons. With Stashaweigh, users can manage their contents of their Smart Container, discreetly with their phone.
Dimensions and Material
5” x 2”
Luxury acrylic that was designed to feel like an Apple product in the user’s hands
Smell and Water Proof
Users can be confident that whatever they choose to hold in their Smart Container is kept secure and won’t be compromised.
Smart Scale
Highly accurate digital scale that users control via their Bluetooth-connected smartphone app for precise weighing.
Lithium Ion Battery to easily recharge the Smart Container
Connected iOS & Android App
Track Accurate Dosing Weight &
Label contents
Track/View start weight
Track/View current activity
View History
See past use with date, time, and activity details

Stashaweigh in the News

Smart Scale Co. Unveils World’s First IoT Smart Scale Container, “Stashaweigh™”, at New West Summit Pot growers eye high-tech future at New West Summit Marijuana growers wrestle with cannabis' high-tech, industrial future
We help the user keep track with an easy to use history tab - see the date and time of all activity associated with your Smart Container
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